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5 Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer Screening

November 1, 2022
Oral cancer affects the mouth or throat. This year's estimates state that 53,000 people are susceptible to becoming diagnosed with oral cancer, which might result in 10,900 fatalities. In addition, oral cancer affects men more than women.
5 Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer Screening

If you want to prevent oral cancer screening, there are some techniques you must adopt. However, avoiding the screening is not advised because you receive the examination of the oral cancer screening dentist during routine appointments that don’t compel you to visit other medical professionals. Instead, dentists screen you for oral cancer during your six-monthly meeting with them for exams and cleanings. The charges for the screening are included in the fees you pay to the dentist and require under five minutes to complete. However, if you adopt the five techniques suggested in this article, you find it comfortable to prevent oral cancer screenings, although you can expect your dentist to perform the screening without you even realizing it.

Five Techniques to Prevent Oral Cancer Screenings

The five preventive methods you can use to avoid oral cancer screenings are:

Quitting tobacco use in any form, including smoking, chewing, snuff, et cetera.

Limiting the use of alcohol to one drink for women and two drinks for men increases your chances of preventing oral cancer screening.

Remaining in the shade during the daytime between 10 AM and 4 PM when the UV rays of sunlight are intense proves beneficial.

Use a lip balm with SPF 30 recommended by medical professionals as a preventive mechanism.

Include fresh fruits and vegetables as a preventive measure against oral cancer screening.

With the suggestions mentioned, do not expect not to get screened for oral cancer when you schedule your six-monthly appointment for oral prophylaxis from your dentist. As mentioned earlier, you never realize when the dentist completed the screening because the screening doesn’t involve intensive and invasive exams.

Why Is Oral Cancer Screening Important?

Oral cancer screening in Stockton, CA, is essential because of the risk factors associated with this condition. For example, you become susceptible to developing oral cancer if you are over 55, drink excessive alcohol, smoke or chew tobacco, have extensive exposure to sunlight, are affected by human papillomavirus, have a compromised immune system weakened by medications or the skin disease lichen planus, GVHD, or genetic conditions of the blood.

Oral cancer screenings gain importance because they are a preventive measure to confirm you don’t have white and red patches on your lips, gums, mouth lining, or tongue, lumps that you can feel inside your mouth or neck, numbness or discomfort in any part of the mouth that doesn’t subside, loosening of your teeth, bleeding in the mouth, challenges wearing dentures, et cetera.

When Should I consider Screening for Oral Cancer?

If you are proactive with your dental hygiene practices and schedule appointments with your dentist every six months, you don’t ever have to worry about getting screened for oral cancer. In addition, screenings for cancer don’t require you to schedule separate appointments with oncologists specialists in treating cancer or medical professionals by visiting hospitals or clinics because you are scheduling six monthly appointments with your dentist to receive the screening without investing additional money or time.

The oral cancer screening procedure is straightforward. The dentist evaluates all areas of your mouth, neck, head, and throat, looking for signs described earlier to determine whether you have a severe complication in the mouth that might result in the development of oral cancer.

When you receive oral cancer screenings every six months during your regular dental checkups and report changes in your mouth, your dentist to get the condition evaluated at the earliest to prevent the need for intensive treatments with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation besides the most updated targeted therapies used as standalone treatments or combined to avoid a devastating condition from making a statistic of the numbers we mentioned earlier.

Dentists are qualified professionals trained to detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. There are also the professionals you meet most often than other medical professionals. If you wish to prevent oral cancer screenings, you must adopt the five preventive measures suggested in this article or consider ignoring your dental health altogether and becoming prone to several conditions that might affect your mouth and general health. We think it is undoubtedly beneficial for you to consider receiving oral cancer screenings every six months from your dentist, providing it as a complementary service during your routine dental appointment.

SmilePro Dental provides oral cancer screenings to all patients approaching them for exams and cleanings. Learn how you benefit from receiving this exam and why you mustn’t prevent these screenings even after adopting the preventive measures suggested because people without risk factors are also affected by oral cancer.