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Five Ways to Take Care of Your Emergency Tooth Pain

The tooth pain that develops unexpectedly might irritate teeth, although it will not debilitate them. There are several reasons for toothaches from food trapped between your teeth or untreated infections. However, they have a common aim to make your quality of life awful.

When you develop toothaches, you search for medications lying around or home remedies that you think might help. However, if the discomfort starts beyond office hours, you don’t consider visiting the dentist near me providing services, fearing higher charges by the dentist. Unfortunately, you try to endure the pain, hoping it will resolve itself after some time. Instead of allowing the toothache to affect your quality of life, wouldn’t you find it beneficial to receive treatment from the dentist nearby to get a good night’s rest?

What Is Considered As a Dental Emergency?

Any condition affecting your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth to cause pain, bleeding, and potentially affect your dental health is classified as a dental emergency by the medical fraternity. However, it doesn’t indicate that you must rush to seek emergency dental care without trying to ascertain what is causing the dental problem in your mouth. Furthermore, emergency dental services are not affordable and will likely set you back considerably when receiving treatment from professionals beyond office hours or on holidays. Therefore it makes sense for you to determine whether you are genuinely affected by a dental emergency or if the condition is comfortably manageable by using over-the-counter medicines until you can schedule an urgent care appointment with your dentist to determine what’s wrong with your mouth.

For example, a lost filling requires your dentist’s attention as soon as possible but can wait until the daytime to receive treatment. Similarly, losing your dental crowns requires treatment as soon as possible but not from emergency dentists unless you think the restoration must promptly be done on the underlying tooth.

How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast?

If you want to alleviate tooth pain fast, here are five proven techniques to help you manage the discomfort until you can get treatment from a dentist near you.

Warm Salt Water Rinses

Saltwater helps to hydrate harmful bacteria causing their cells to collapse when they don’t receive sufficient liquids. When you gargle with half a teaspoon of table salt and water, you find it beneficial as a compelling mix to rinse your mouth.

Over-The-Counter Topical Medications

You can find temporary relief from pain using over-the-counter topical numbing agents containing lidocaine. Applying them over the sore tooth or gums helps alleviate the pain but does not provide permanent relief. In addition, topical medications do not affect inflammation but merely inhibit pain and fever.

Warm Foods and Beverages

Do not consider having scorching foods and beverages when experiencing tooth pain. Instead, rely on foods and drinks at room temperature to prevent additional trauma to the area. In addition, you find it beneficial to have a liquid diet and soft foods to avoid pain from chewing while getting the energy and nutrients to function appropriately.

Ice Packs

Ice packs on your cheeks near the affected tooth slow blood flow by constricting blood vessels to significantly reduce pain and inflammation. You can successfully alleviate pain and swelling in your face using ice packs intermittently for 15 minutes on and off as long as you want.

Dental Hygiene

The optimal technique for relief from tooth pain is to ensure they never occur. To achieve your goal, you must maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing at least twice and flossing once every day. Getting six monthly dental cleanings and using antiseptic mouthwash also help remove your mouth bacteria to prevent toothaches from occurring. Dentists can also provide you with a treatment plan to care for your teeth and avoid unnecessary complications in the evenings or on holidays that affect your quality of life.

However, if you develop toothaches despite the precautions and find the problem challenging to manage, you mustn’t hesitate to visit emergency dentistry in Stockton, CA, to determine whether you have a severe infection in your mouth that needs prompt treatment. Receiving treatment from a dental professional is the optimal way to care for your teeth and mouth and avoid long-term consequences.

SmilePro Dental suggests similar remedies to patients contacting them with tooth pain. They also recommend visiting them immediately if you experience an excruciating toothache even after using these therapies. Therefore if you cannot manage a toothache at home, please reach out to this practice for the treatment you need.

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