Cosmetic Dentistry in Stockton, CA

Cosmetic Dentistry

Keeping your teeth healthy is vital to your health. Finding a dentist near you to provide proper gum and mouth care will not only ensure you have your teeth well into older age, but it will also promote good health through your entire body. With healthy teeth, cosmetic dentistry near you can improve your confidence through a variety of services.


A cosmetic dentist in Stockton, CA can rejuvenate your teeth with shells they place over your existing teeth, called veneers. The veneers instantly cover any imperfections in your teeth, giving you a perfect smile right away.

Dental Bonding

Another service to better your smile is dental bonding. In this procedure, our dentist in Stockton, CA uses resin to fix any chips on your teeth. The dentist can mold it to fit your tooth’s unique shape, after which it is hardened to set it by a special light for this. Not only can dentally bonding fix chipped teeth, but it can close gaps and spaces in between teeth, too. People like this service because of its inexpensiveness and the effect it has on their teeth.


Crowns replace teeth that become decayed or damaged from cavities and other related dental hygiene. They are screwed into your gums to hold the teeth into place. Unlike dentures, you don’t take these teeth out. They last for an extended period, if not a lifetime.

Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t like a brighter, whiter smile? Your dentist can give you what those teeth whitening strips promise but give you results. There are certain drinks such as coffee and wine stain teeth. This treatment will blind everyone you smile at, ridding you of those yellowish stains of your favorite food and beverages.

Contact us at SmilePro Dental to discuss how we can make you smile better. Our variety of services will give your teeth the attention they need.