Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Stockton, CA

Are you searching for a dentist near you for a quick, affordable smile update? Would you like your treatment time to be as efficient as one appointment? If so, dental bonding from Dr. Sunen Pandya at SmilePro Dental may be the solution you've searched for. If you haven't heard of this cosmetic dentistry procedure before, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about dental bonding. If you have a question not answered below, our dental care team and Dr. Sunen Pandya will provide one-on-one answers.

Dental Bonding

FAQs About Dental Bonding Near You

What types of smile correction does dental bonding correct?

The uses for dental bonding in cosmetic dentistry are vast. Some of the most common corrections are improving the color of a stained tooth, repairing a chipped or cracked tooth, and other cosmetic improvements to one or more teeth.

This treatment sounds similar to dental veneers. How is it different?

The two procedures are different in their durability, cost, treatment time, and reversibility. As a comprehensive dentist in Stockton, CA, Dr. Sunen Pandya performs both procedures. When you visit us for your dental bonding consultation, we will also include information about dental veneers to choose the procedure that makes the most sense for your goals and budget.

What’s the average treatment time for dental bonding?

Depending on the number of teeth that will receive treatment, dental bonding can typically be performed in one appointment. Dr. Sunen Pandya will spend about 30 minutes on each tooth, so if you only have one or two teeth requiring treatment, you can have a refreshed smile in one hour!

Does dental bonding damage my natural tooth?

No. Unlike dental veneers, which require the tooth’s surface to be roughened before the material is applied, the bonding material is applied to your tooth without altering your tooth’s natural surface. This one difference often makes it ideal for patients who want to try a new look without risking permanent damage to the tooth.

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