Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Stockton, CA

Are you searching for an emergency dentist in Stockton, CA? If so, we invite you to call the office of Dr. Sunen Pandya at SmilePro Dental to receive the care you’re looking for. We're only a phone call away, whether you are experiencing extreme dental pain, have lost a crown or filling, or have any other dental concern that needs immediate attention. Calling us now will allow us to prepare our office for your emergency ahead of your arrival. Most dental emergencies can be classified into five categories, and this preliminary conversation allows our triage team to prepare equipment and materials for your emergency care.

Emergency Dentistry

Types of Dental Emergencies

Every patient will perceive their need for emergency dental care differently; however, most dental emergencies can be classified into the following categories:

  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Toothache or gum concerns
  • Faulty restorations (such as dental fillings and crowns)
  • Soft tissue injuries to the lips, cheeks, mouth, and tongue

We often get asked if bleeding gums (from brushing and flossing) is a dental emergency. While the answer is “not necessarily,” bleeding gums during routine at-home oral care are a sign that it’s time to visit our dentist sooner rather than later.

If you’re experiencing bleeding gums or any of the above-listed dental emergencies, please call our dentist near you to receive next-step instructions for an emergency dentistry appointment or our next available appointment time.

Want to Reduce Your Risk?

Suppose you want to take steps today to reduce your risk of needing emergency dentistry tomorrow. In that case, the best decision you can make is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sunen Pandya for preventive dentistry appointment. We can detect many signs of future dental problems (such as loose dental restorations, fractured teeth, and even signs of oral cancer) during preventive dental appointments.

We’re currently accepting new patients at SmilePro Dental for all phases of treatment, including emergency dentistry and preventive dentistry near you. We’d love to meet you to help prevent a dental emergency, and we’re also here to treat your dental emergency.

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