Lumineers in Stockton, CA

Having severely discolored teeth can ruin your smile and your self-esteem. After all, having a bright white smile gives us the confidence to greet people, make new friends, go about our day happily, and feel good about ourselves and our appearance. Unfortunately, no matter how good our oral health routine is, the foods and drinks we drink end up staining and discoloring our teeth. While bleaching can sometimes help, we want our teeth to look great all the time.

Thankfully, modern dental technology has a way of fixing discolored and even misshapen teeth. The product is called Lumineers®. By placing these over your teeth, you can get your smile back no matter how discolored or misshapen your teeth are so that you'll be beaming with pride and showing off your great-looking smile in no time.


What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a product similar to standard dental veneers, except that they are specially made to look and fit better and to correct shape and color issues on teeth better than standard veneers.

The difference is in the type of material that is used. Lumineers are a thinner, more transparent material that is smooth to the touch. They are applied over your existing teeth to even out the color and shape of your teeth and are useful for correcting a wide range of cosmetic issues. Besides being able to correct discolored teeth, there is a whole range of benefits to choosing Lumineers.

Benefits of Lumineers

Compared to veneers and whitening treatments, Lumineers have a ton of benefits.

Firstly, Lumineers are better at fixing color differences in your teeth; while they won’t change the color of your natural teeth, a Lumineer will make your entire smile look uniform.

This also helps teeth with chips, cracks, gaps, and shape issues, meaning no matter what shape your teeth are in, so long as they are healthy, Lumineers can help make them look great.

Lumineers are also relatively easy to apply and won’t damage your teeth like other options, making them perfectly safe to wear for the long term. Lumineers are a much more appealing option than most dental applications, and prosthetics, which fit poorly, can be cumbersome, and are just generally uncomfortable to have in your mouth for long periods. Lumineers are the perfect cosmetic option for those looking to have a great smile without much dental work.

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