Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Stockton, CA

Our dentist near you at SmilePro Dental understands how important a gentle touch is during every procedure, including dental extractions. Our office uses the latest equipment and technology for gentle dental extractions near you. Do you suspect that you have a tooth that needs to be removed? We invite you to contact us today for an extraction consultation. During that appointment, you may learn that we can save your tooth instead through root canal therapy, a dental crown, or more. We want to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime when possible. We're always happy to perform extractions, but we're equally happy discussing saving teeth!

Tooth Extractions

Types of Dental Extractions

Even though you may have a lot of teeth in your mouth, most patients are surprised to learn that there are only two types of tooth extraction performed by dentists. The first, called simple tooth extraction, is performed just as it sounds. It’s a simple procedure that does not require cutting into the patient’s gum tissue to remove a tooth. Instead, Dr. Sunen Pandya uses a specialized instrument to gently rock the tooth back and forth until it becomes free. Most patients report the procedure with local anesthetic as pain-free, quick, and simple.

Conversely, surgical tooth extraction does require cutting into the gum tissue to remove the tooth – most commonly performed on impacted wisdom teeth. The treatment is more complex than a simple tooth extraction. Still, you’ll receive complete pre-procedure and post-procedure information and care instructions, including the use of sedation dentistry if requested. Remember that our dentist in Stockton, CA at SmilePro Dental is committed to gentle dentistry during all procedures and should provide peace of mind to anyone experiencing dental anxiety or concern about dental surgery.

Ready to Learn More?

Whether you want to discover if the tooth you suspect needs to be extracted, can be saved with other treatment therapies, or receive a treatment plan for simple or surgical tooth extraction, please give our dental care team a call now. We’re currently accepting new patients, and Dr. Sunen Pandya looks forward to meeting you soon!

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